08 August 2005

Here we go then...

So, here I go.

For a while I've been disillusioned by the world of work - bosses, other people, office politics, not being in charge, not being able to make the mistakes I want to, office hours, projects I don't want to do and missing out on the ones I do want - so it's time I started up on my own. I've been thinking about it for a few months, and made the decision about a month ago. I got this excellent book, and I'm now working through it.

In fact, I've just finished day one of week one. And what have I acheived?

Well, I know I need office space - and I've decided to use my room. So I got wood (ho ho ho) from Homebase and I've started building myself a desk, integrated into my loft-style bed. I've re-wired a couple of lights so I have a desk lamp, I bought some paper (oh, how riveting this must be to read...) and I've started this blog to keep me going. It's not only a diary so I can look back many years from now on my wonderfully succesful business, it's also a way of motivating myself - so I can see what I've been aiming to do and just how far I've got.

The countdown starts now. In six months time, I'm hoping to be leaving my current job and making that big, scary first step.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • finish desk
  • track down a cheap computer - and do a little budgeting
  • get the stationery I'm currently missing, and gather together what I already have.

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