30 August 2005

Been a while...

...so what have I done?

Well, I've been working on silly little things like document headers and templates. I got some designs for a logo today from a friend who's also an excellent artist, and I'll be using some of these soon.

In terms of the book I finished week 3 OK - apart from not being able to find my cheque book to send off the last of my credit check applications - and now I'm on to week four. Networking, which I did some of today at work, plus positive thinking (which I'm not very good at... joke...), negotiating, selling, and spotting opportunities. I'm doing some negotiating at work, I'm selling ideas in to people, and I'm always trying to spot opportunities - it's really a case of pushing things that little bit further at work for a while.

I was also thinking about going speed dating again. Stop laughing. It's sound business sense - I need to practice my networking skills. Without paying to join the excellent Cambridge Network yet, and considering I'm not 100% sure if I can be trying to get clients while still in my current job (especially given the links we have with Cambridge Network), it seemed like an ideal way to practice. Especially if I go on my own. The bonus is, I might meet a pretty lady.

Now I'm about to work on the template for this blog, given the design ideas I've been playing with (and the fact that my CSS skills are a little rusty). Let's hope I don't break it. There are some odd Blogger tags in the code.

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