19 April 2007

*clonk* *whirr* *sob*

Yes, car woe once again. I was actually physically stranded as I started to write this - stuck in a (very nice) office owned by some very nice friends and colleagues who do excellent work and who let me sob there quietly while I awaited rescue.

My clutch has gone. Where, I'm not sure, but it's gone - it was certainly there when I left in the morning, ha ha ha. I'm not sure if going to Swansea finished it off completely, but it must have been on the way out for a while, which is a shame. Oh well - these things are sent to try us, and it's certainly trying me at the moment. I need to arrange meetings many miles away, which is a bit annoying, but I have to earn.

I never even got to go to Ikea to get my new chair. Humph. Looks like it's a Staples special - I've got a money off voucher, so that's OK. I might start a business account with them.

*edit* - whoops, I didn't edit the draft properly. resulting in some bizarre present/past tense-confusion.

17 April 2007


I'm very aware that this blog is slowly becoming me whinging about how ill or in pain I'm in, but I think that's probably something to do with me getting older. Not old (yet), but certainly older.

Anyway, my back and shoulders are utterly messed up at the moment and no amount of ibuprofen seems to help. I'm having rather odd spasms in my lower back at the moment, which aren't painful, but do feel very strange.

I think it's all to do with my posture and the fact I've been working a lot in the kitchen - using my laptop more and more now I'm having real PC troubles. There's no technical support here - I have to do it all myself or ask my brother to do it - and to frank I don't have the time at the moment. It's very tempting to just go out and get a Mac, to be honest.

Rather than that I think I might go out and get a decent soft wheely chair at some point. Perhaps a trip to Ikea is in order...

12 April 2007

Bleurgh. Working while ill.

It's funny how illness strikes when you've got deadlines to meet and loads to do. All those months of not having enough to do - and wondering if I could pay the bills - and now I'm snowed under I'm unwell. Ah well.

So that's why I've not blogged for a while - very, very busy at the moment and having huge amounts of fun. Late nights and lots of learning - can't get better than that. And it'll be over this weekend, when I'm off to Swansea to see some old uni friends, and then I've got a quiet week next week to recover. Unless, of course, anyone would like to give me some work. Just nothing which requires me to breathe through my nose or shout a lot.