10 August 2005

Day two - not a very business day

So, Tuesday. What was the plan? Desk, computer, stationery.

I went to the cinema instead. The film was sold out. So I watched a DVD. I was building my list of contacts and networking, honest. Plus it was Napolean Dynamite and it was very, very good.

I did do some lookig for a computer yesterday, though, and found this:
Eclipse Computers self-build

Which fits the cheap and powerful enough criteria - and is quite expandable, especially if memory falls in price. Several people have suggested a Mac laptop, which would be brilliant - laptop would be great if I'm working in other people's offices and a Mac would be fantastic - but I just can't afford it, or the support I'd need, or the software (I already have all the drivers etc I need for a PC, I'll be trying to use Open Office, and my brother's MS certified for support...) or the hardware (already have keyboards, mice, monitors coming out of my ears). I also know a laptop would be ideal, but I can't afford it for the moment. All I need for the next six months is internet, email and word processing - so my plan is to get something cheap but very expandable. Then, as both my needs and my budget grow, I can upgrade.

Anyway, I need to get on with my day job. Will be spending all of this evening working on the business properly.

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