14 August 2005


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I suppose it's a good thing I'm not going into business as a carpenter - this shocking contraption is my hand-built desk. You can't see from this, but there are a couple of nails poking out (will cover them up soon, I think), it flexes a little (the leg is only temporary until I can get some chunkier wood) and I need to cut a hole for wires. Oh yes - I've got a new computer to put on it. I just hope the monitor (an aging 19" jobby) sits on it securely... I'll ram it into the corner as much as I can.

The computer came from Comet, and while it's not the cheap DIY job I wanted, it's better specced and should keep me going for a while. It's just a base unit, so I need to provide a monitor - which, as I said before, I have one of kicking around somewhere.

Now all that remains is to get it networked and up and running - and I'm done.

And that's week one finished. :)

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