26 February 2007

Email issues and doing digital

Hello! If you've tried emailing me today, I might not have received your mail. I'm in the middle of changing hosts and I'm not sure I'm getting all emails. I'm relying on an ancient Hotmail account which all my emails are automatically forwarded to at the moment... things should be back up and running tomorrow, with luck. In the mean time, phone is the best option for getting in touch.

I've treated myself today - I went out and bought a Pure DAB radio. It's fantastic - BBC 6 Music in stereo without dropping bitrate every five minutes, lots of buttons to press, and great reception even without the arial up! How ace is that - I'm listening to Lammo at the moment and it's never sounded better.

Plus I get XFM now. How cool is that?

15 February 2007

New toys, and organising myself

I discovered the other day that while managing an individual project is fine - and, to be honest, swapping between several projects is OK too - I wasn't very good at keeping track of them, especially the issue of giving things project codes. I reached a critical mass of projects where they just stopped being easy to keep track of in my head.

So, after much asking of advice, I've got a new filing system, involving job bags, a new project (and quote and invoice) numbering system, and a new toy - a whiteboard. It's all gridded out and different colours. I feel like I'm in CSI, which I've always wanted. Ideally one day I'll work in an office with a big glass wall I can write on, but until that day my little whiteboard will do.

I've also got my iPod shuffle - my leaving present from my last job. It's a coloured one, and it's utterly, utterly fantastic. I can't believe the sound quality from such a small thing. I need to do some iTunes organisation - I've got loads of Pet Sounds session tracks on there and they don't quite work on shuffle...

12 February 2007

Of guilt and money

I'm a naturally guilty person. I feel guilty about lots of things. I feel guilty writing about this, because I'm using charity to promote my business, but then again charity is benefiting as well, so not completely and utterly guilty.

Because I've got such an ace job, which I love, and because of other things, I feel guilty more than ever at the moment. So I decided to spread a bit of the joy I have by making a donation to Comic Relief. I'd heartily recommend you all do the same; the money goes to some very, very worthwhile causes, and while it's not made me feel exactly guilt free, it's gone a little way to helping.

My £50 is apparently enough to help 15 African farmers. That's not necessarily where my money's gone, though; about 40% of Comic Relief money helps out with projects in the UK. You can find out more on their (excellently designed) website.

And, if I've managed to make you feel guilty for not doing your bit too - which I hope I have - you can donate quickly and easily online.

11 February 2007

Brrrm brrrrrm!

I've got a car! It's a nice little Citroen AX. It has five whole gears, a working fuel gauge, and thanks to dad a CD player.

It also has a nasty knock from the CV joint at the moment, but that'll soon be fixed. I'm generally very excited by it. Soon I will have the embarrassment of filling it with petrol and probably not being able to get the cap off, but there you go.

This of course means I'm properly back on the road and ready for more work... which is a very good feeling.

Now for a nap in front of the rugby.

08 February 2007

Snow joke, etc etc.

Yes... I know. Insert snow pun here.

It's funny how I missed all the snow (well, the tiny bit) in Cambridge the other week when I was in Glasgow. I really wanted some. Now I've learned to be careful what I wish for, because "road chaos" has meant the cancellation of a meeting I was looking forward to going to and a day spent at home, snuggled up in two jumpers (and I'm trying to encourage the cat to sit on my feet) doing other work instead.

It's lucky I'm able to work from home like this - it must be a nightmare for other small businesses who rely more on being able to get out and about. I realise now how critical a single day's work can be - if that's the only day's paid work you get for a month, you're in trouble...

Time allowing, I may venture out with my camera later and take a couple of snapshots of the Dissenter's Cemetary in the village. It looks incredible in the frost, so I can only hope it looks as good in the snow. I have to nip to the post office anyway.

Tomorrow I'm helping some friends move house - let's hope it's a bit nicer.

Oh, and I've just found out fencing tonight is canceled. Damn! It'll be four weeks off in total... I think my legs are turning to jelly rather than the chiseled oak I thought they were.

OK, so they've never been that good. But they ain't getting any better.

05 February 2007

Sad farewell

It's with great sadness I announce the departing of a much loved Rover Metro at the ripe old age of 89,000 miles.

Head gaskets. Damn them. It's not an expense I need now - a new car - but I suppose these things happen. And it means something shiny and new(ish) to play with - hurrah! That's always fun.

In other news... I'm back from my trip, which was fun and interesting and I got to see Glasgow, which is a very nice city. I'd like to go back. I'm glad to be home and able to eat in my own house, though. There's not much else to report - a few ideas on the go for some promotional stuff, several meetings coming up for other work, and all in all I feel very settled into the self employment thing. It's been nearly three months!

Oh, and I'm now properly VAT registered and completed my first return this weekend. It made my brain proper hurt. It's got to be the hardest maths ever.