15 May 2006


No, that's not how I feel - far from it, in fact - it's Adobe's new AJAX framework.

Basically a JavaScript library for building AJAX pages, it's a good preview and intro to AJAX, which is something I've not used but have seen being put to work on some excellent web apps. Flickr's a prime example of this - beautifully functional and looks incredible. The applications of AJAX are limitless, especially for people who want to empower users to add, edit and sort information.

Building a website is becoming less about structuring information the way you think your users are going to want it - it's more about putting in place technologies which allow them to structure the information for themselves. Exciting times with some interesting challenges on the way.

EDIT - I've just seen my visitor stats. Someone was referred to maltpress.co.uk from the searh term "bad haircut mistakes".

Great. That's cheered me up no end.

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