02 May 2006

Service update

Still no maltpress.co.uk or juicyfly.com sites at the moment, which is a shame because I've been working on a Cheesehelmet Nosebleed site. I'm planning to make them the biggest band that never was. It's a pointless little fun project I'm just playing with. Part of it is making t-shirts and things using Cafepress, which turns out to be easy to use, incredibly fun, and - because I'm not charging markup at the moment - cheap for people who buy my stuff. I ordered a t-shirt and badge from my own stuff and it worked out at about £15, including postage from the US. Hopefully it won't be too long before we get a UK based one as well.

I also used the Shell Livewire site the other week and got my free startup CD this weekend. It's very good, with a couple of basic ideas generation tools, plus some handy reading material (which will be helping me format my business plan properly over the coming weeks). Next week I'm seeing a financial advisor; I'm going to try to get an appointment with either my appointed Shell Livewire advisor or some other startup advisor soon as well. Then I need to find a solicitor and an accountant.

I'm getting worried about the amount of paperwork there's going to be. Sole trader or limited company? I can see the benefits of being Ltd, but there's all that accounting and stuff...

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