20 April 2006

What a dissapointing Guardian day

Nothing really to bore you with today. So instead I'll promote my band, CheeseHelmet NoseBleed.

Currently we have only one member - me - one song, no talent, but enthusiasm in bags. I'm hoping that will make up for our other shortcomings, but even I struggle to be enthusiastic enough to make up for not having a drummer.

The one thing we do have, however, is merchandise, and an ever growing amount of it. At the moment there's a couple of t-shirts, but soon there will be mugs, more shirts, undergarments and... er... I don't know.

It's my first attempt at using CafePress.com, the online store which lets you add your own logos to things. It's a great idea, beautifully executed (until I came along), Webby Award winner, and incredibly easy to use.

Buy my pants here

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