16 April 2006

I'm still bored.

This has got to be a bad thing, right? That I can't seem to survive a weekend off without descending into mind-numbing boredom? I'd like to think that's because I have a massive mental capacity which, in the absence of a multitude of incredibly stimulating problems, rapidly gets a bit mardy and punishes me. But it's not; it's mostly laziness. I could tidy my room, do yet more ironing, write an article, build a website, write a business plan, or any number of things. But I figure this is my time off and I should do something fun. What that is escapes me at the moment.

I'm still drooling over Apple products at the moment. Perhaps if my five or more readers (OK, so that's a bit optimistic) could write to them and tell them how JuicyFly's reccomendation has made them want to buy one too, then they'll send me one. Or at least a £5 voucher for one. If I had a voucher I had to use up, that would be justification enough to buy one.

Please, please, give me something to do.... I don't want to iron any more. It's lost the joy it once had.

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