15 April 2006

Bank holidays = bad thing

I'm bored. Utterly, utterly bored. And that's dangerous. Because this keeps calling to me. No way I need one, or can afford one, but mmmm. Shiny. Pros: I could test websites on a Mac and surf the internet watching TV. And it's pretty. Cons: I don't need one, can't afford one, and I have better things to do than watch Beauty and the Geek while blogging. Which, of course, I am in no way doing right at this moment. No way. God forbid.

Yesterday I played with the car (the Metro) to fix a couple of little electrical problems. I'm not sure *how* I fixed it, because I have no idea what was actually wrong - although at one point there was a smell of burning. Which is probably not a good thing. Anyway, all seems to be working fine now, no funny smells (except me, of course). Then I went to the pub, had fun, went to the Kam Bar, was very dissapointed by the choice of music, then went to bed.

And that's all I can think to do all weekend except ironing and cleaning. Bugger.

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