18 April 2006

I'm an opinion former and trend-setter, apparently

Rather than a dull rambling geek, which is what I *thought* I was. It's quite reassuring. And means I can justify blogging at work while I wait for the kettle to boil and things - "honest, I'm on the bleeding edge and shaping trends with my opinionated spoutings on web content".

I'm not sure all bloggers can be counted like this, of course. I've had about 700 visitors in the past six months; I'm not really shaping that many opinions. It's the minority of "name" bloggers who have interesting, witty content - blogs like Random acts of Reality and Scary Duck, as well as the interesting corporate blogs like Microsoft's developer blogs and Google's developer blogs who have the real opinions. I'm largely just talking to an empty room at the moment because I don't have much to say.

Still, it does back up earlier claims of mine that corporate blogs are the way forward. A tech company without a blog is missing out; when a large proportion of your audience is a blog-savvy, always internet connected generation who care about how the product they buy has been designed for them, the best way to do that is to track the development of that product and (at least outwardly appear to) gather feedback.

Anyway, I'm back at work and so now I have no excuse to be bored. I will still achieve it however.

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