06 April 2006

Thursday again

It's funny how they roll around almost weekly now, isn't it?

Not updated the blog for a while - and I'm not sure why not. It's not like I've been doing anything particularly useful with my time lately; reading a lot, going out a bit, sleeping, drinking cider (nice cider - Magners - not White Lightening on a park bench).

Oh, I serviced the Midget (saying that always makes me laugh) the other day, which was fun, and I had a drive in the sun with the top down the other day.

So what's new? Well, I have a business idea on the go. It's Web 2.0 Blue Sky Thinking and will push the envelope and all that other rubbish. Suffice to say I have the ideas but don't really know how to implement them; it's a variation on something that already exists; I've had the idea knocking around for a while; and this time next year I'll be a millionairre.

Grauniad today has a couple of interesting things - a story on semantic web, controlling games in new ways (which ties in with the very, very stupid and utterly impractical idea I had on holiday to make console games for the blind using force-feedback controllers, sound, and vibration) and - actually even more similar to that idea - something about audio description on TV.

So, plans for the weekend - drinking on Friday, trying to get this business idea into shape on Saturday, and I might try to write an article I've been meaning to do for ages. I need to spend some more time on JuicyFly, I think. Time to get things moving again.

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Matt Harris said...

contact my mates at "something" they're always up for any cool ideas...