27 September 2005


I'm really, really tired and the pain in my shoulder is telling me one thing: I need to invest in a proper chair for this desk. I'm slouching.

The day job's stunningly busy at the moment (and because it's paying the bills at the moment it has to take precedence; there's also the fact that I have some pretty cool, and exciting, projects on the go there). Setting up is kind of taking a back seat to that, setting up the JuicyFly website (especially teaching myself PHP, which is why I've been up late and why I'm so tired) and doing admin type tasks for the Cambridge Comedy Club like arranging venues and meetings and auditions and things.

It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not. I like to be busy. I need to better plan my time, though, as it looks like I've got some more stuff on the horizon and I need to make sure i look after myself properly.

So - things to do tomorrow - go to bank and make appointment, look into a chair (Staples have some fairly cheap ones), and have a proper lunch break - during which I will read my book and make sure I get back on track with start-up tasks.

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