21 September 2005

OK, some first passes at those pitch lines...

  • Making web content easy. - Dull. Sorry.

  • Taking the hard work out of web content. - Again, dull.

  • Web content – off-line ease. - nearly there...

  • Helping you make the most of the web. - hardly original.

  • Making the most of the web. - again, not especially original.

  • I’m easy – you’re content. - OK, starting to get silly now.


Oli said...

How about:

"Bringing the buzz to your web content."

Oli said...


"Get a multi-faceted perspective."


Oli said...

Or how about:

"Buzzing web content. Get the insect from the outset."

Oli said...

Sorry (can't stop):

"Reach beyond the low-hanging fruitflies."