01 September 2005

Itching to get going...

Had another day when I'm really itching to get going. Patience is needed, I know, but I'm really keen to start using some of the ideas I have.

The blog look and feel is getting there, and I'll finish that tomorrow.

I got the first two of my credit checks through - all clear, as I'd hoped. That's good. I'm about to do the first of my monthly accounts check-ups, as well, having got a spreadsheet ready. Sad, I know.

Networking is going OK - got in touch with a few old friends and told them what I'm up to and asked for some advice. Should have contact details for a few accountants soon.

Day-job work is very busy, too. I'm trying to teach myself better project management, though, and that's kind of why I'm working after fencing - I had some ideas how to better manage things and I'd like to get them down while they're fresh.

More updates over the weekend, I hope - no plans except saving money...

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