02 September 2005

What a clever bit of e-mail marketing

I just got an automated email from VerticalResponse, who I've used in the past to send HTML email bulletins. They're a really good way of sending updates to people and - if you use them correctly - help reinforce brands, draw attention, and inform. I'm a bit dubious about using them too regularly, though - it's all too easy for content to be blocked, image links to be broken and so on (my webmail, for example, strips all images and as such I often get unreadable HTML emails). I know a few Sys Admins who hate them and will tell you never to send them - ever. However, as one-off or irregular contacts to really get some attention, they're great.

Anyway, the one I got was on the ever-hot topic of corporate blogging - which I think is great and I've been evangelising about for some time now - and, although I think it's a bit long for reading on screen, it's quite good. As you'd expect from an HTML email company. First link takes you to VerticalResponse's corporate blog (here, if you're interested) and it goes on to explain all about blogging.

The killer line for me, however, was "As always, this entire email was created and sent in just minutes using VerticalResponse!".

What an ace way to sell the product. I don't know why I'm so impressed with such a simple idea - and I admit the exclaimation might be going a bit far - but it's just so nicely and cleanly executed, and drives home the message so well, that I had to mention it.

And it's obviously worked as a marketing message.

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stingley23 said...

VerticalResponse does a great job of marketing their own services, and I've found them to have excellent customer service, a super-simple tool and really good prices - I've used them for 2+ years now. And their blog has some great marketing ideas too