08 February 2007

Snow joke, etc etc.

Yes... I know. Insert snow pun here.

It's funny how I missed all the snow (well, the tiny bit) in Cambridge the other week when I was in Glasgow. I really wanted some. Now I've learned to be careful what I wish for, because "road chaos" has meant the cancellation of a meeting I was looking forward to going to and a day spent at home, snuggled up in two jumpers (and I'm trying to encourage the cat to sit on my feet) doing other work instead.

It's lucky I'm able to work from home like this - it must be a nightmare for other small businesses who rely more on being able to get out and about. I realise now how critical a single day's work can be - if that's the only day's paid work you get for a month, you're in trouble...

Time allowing, I may venture out with my camera later and take a couple of snapshots of the Dissenter's Cemetary in the village. It looks incredible in the frost, so I can only hope it looks as good in the snow. I have to nip to the post office anyway.

Tomorrow I'm helping some friends move house - let's hope it's a bit nicer.

Oh, and I've just found out fencing tonight is canceled. Damn! It'll be four weeks off in total... I think my legs are turning to jelly rather than the chiseled oak I thought they were.

OK, so they've never been that good. But they ain't getting any better.

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