12 February 2007

Of guilt and money

I'm a naturally guilty person. I feel guilty about lots of things. I feel guilty writing about this, because I'm using charity to promote my business, but then again charity is benefiting as well, so not completely and utterly guilty.

Because I've got such an ace job, which I love, and because of other things, I feel guilty more than ever at the moment. So I decided to spread a bit of the joy I have by making a donation to Comic Relief. I'd heartily recommend you all do the same; the money goes to some very, very worthwhile causes, and while it's not made me feel exactly guilt free, it's gone a little way to helping.

My £50 is apparently enough to help 15 African farmers. That's not necessarily where my money's gone, though; about 40% of Comic Relief money helps out with projects in the UK. You can find out more on their (excellently designed) website.

And, if I've managed to make you feel guilty for not doing your bit too - which I hope I have - you can donate quickly and easily online.

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