05 February 2007

Sad farewell

It's with great sadness I announce the departing of a much loved Rover Metro at the ripe old age of 89,000 miles.

Head gaskets. Damn them. It's not an expense I need now - a new car - but I suppose these things happen. And it means something shiny and new(ish) to play with - hurrah! That's always fun.

In other news... I'm back from my trip, which was fun and interesting and I got to see Glasgow, which is a very nice city. I'd like to go back. I'm glad to be home and able to eat in my own house, though. There's not much else to report - a few ideas on the go for some promotional stuff, several meetings coming up for other work, and all in all I feel very settled into the self employment thing. It's been nearly three months!

Oh, and I'm now properly VAT registered and completed my first return this weekend. It made my brain proper hurt. It's got to be the hardest maths ever.

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