15 February 2007

New toys, and organising myself

I discovered the other day that while managing an individual project is fine - and, to be honest, swapping between several projects is OK too - I wasn't very good at keeping track of them, especially the issue of giving things project codes. I reached a critical mass of projects where they just stopped being easy to keep track of in my head.

So, after much asking of advice, I've got a new filing system, involving job bags, a new project (and quote and invoice) numbering system, and a new toy - a whiteboard. It's all gridded out and different colours. I feel like I'm in CSI, which I've always wanted. Ideally one day I'll work in an office with a big glass wall I can write on, but until that day my little whiteboard will do.

I've also got my iPod shuffle - my leaving present from my last job. It's a coloured one, and it's utterly, utterly fantastic. I can't believe the sound quality from such a small thing. I need to do some iTunes organisation - I've got loads of Pet Sounds session tracks on there and they don't quite work on shuffle...

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