11 January 2007

Procrastination - an art form

I'm discovering a talent for putting things off. Which is not a good talent to have. My methods for procrastination are many and varied, but some notable examples include:

  • Writing to-do lists - it's certainly not the case that I don't really have enough to do. It's just trying to motivate myself to do things once I've finished writing them down.
  • Cleaning the toilet - when we moved into this house several years ago the upstairs toilet was a little limescale-encrusted... let's just say it's not got any better. It's suddenly turned into an obsession. I am trying many, many chemicals, elbow-grease, and other techniques.
  • Shopping - I need to get food today, for...
  • Cooking - I'm cooking from scratch more. Today it will be mushroom burgers from the Crank's cookbook. I'm not a vegetarian; I like mushrooms.
Still, things are going OK at the moment. Live like a monk - extreme! is going pretty well (apart from all the chemicals I've bought to clean the toilet). I even went into Cambridge on Monday for a meeting, had a wander around town for 45 minutes, and managed not to spend anything. I was extremely tempted yesterday to go into Cambridge and drink tea somewhere with a wireless internet connection... but I avoided it. Plus I've not been out socially all year. I'm quite pleased with that.

1 comment:

Sim-O said...

Oh, Procrastination is a very good talent to have.
I shall tell you why later.