12 January 2007

Asimo, ticking things off, and scrabble

First up - Asimo. Now, I love the Honda advert with this little robotty fella. So when I saw this on The Register, I was very - well, somewhat - excited to see him in action some more. It was a little disappointing:

  • What's with the human-like, girly voice? He should sound like a proper robot, all electronic and synthesised.
  • They missed a trick with him dancing - why's he not doing "the robot"? That's just foolish.
  • He looks constipated when he runs.
Still, it's quite an achievement - he's a clever little bit of kit.

Secondly, ticking things off. Despite many distractions, I've managed to get mostly caught up with my to-do list and I've ticked loads of things off. Opportunity-hunting continues apace - this is the one part of business I'm doing a lot more of than I thought I would. Paperwork - far less than I thought. Still, it gives me a chance to get in touch with some old friends and contacts, which is always nice.

Thirdly, Scrabble. I'm realising how incredibly bad I am, having bought myself a Scrabble-themed desk calendar with a different challenge every day. I've managed one, so far. Oh dear.

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Anonymous said...

Oi! You are not bad at Scrabble, I am just incredibly good. Practise hard and bring it on mister! Twace x