10 June 2006

Look at the beautiful sun!

My god, it's wonderful. I have to get out there.

Today I am planning to bike into Cambridge to do some photography for Cambridge.IsHome. I need to spend as little as possible, though. Live like a monk month isn't going brilliantly. Don't get me wrong, I'm saving loads, but if I want to keep to my budget I have to spend even less. There's a leaving do for someone at work next week and it's going to be pricey. Especially because it's her birthday too and I want to get her a present.

It's not as if I've even been frivolous. Strawberry Fair cost me little as I was drinking coke all day. Went to a barbeque and took food, but not that much. Been cycling in to work. Did spend on cold drinks the other day but I think that's OK.

If it wasn't for this leaving do I'd be well on track. Oh well - I'll have to see how best I can budget for now...

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