02 June 2006

Live like a monk month - an update

Well, it's funny how my social life explodes into action the minute I tell myself not to spend any money.

Still, I seem to be doing OK, even if I am driving in to work at the moment in a real display of laziness. I'll start biking again next week. Honest. I have 28 days left (as the new countdown timer - from Free Flash Toys shows) and most of the money left at the moment.

Please don't break in to my house to steal it.

Work is very, very busy and very, very stressful. I'm wound up tighter than a very tight thing at the moment. But its's nearly the weekend. I have fun things planned, including partying, Strawberry Fairing, computer shopping, and sleeping.

Just ignore that bit about computer shopping, OK? If we pretend it's not really happening, then it won't count against live like a monk month.

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