06 June 2006


Time to reveal the new project. Cambridge.IsHome is a new site celebrating everything great about where I live - Cambridge. As you could probably guess from the title.

You can find Cambridge.IsHome here: http://cambridge.ishome.co.uk

Last night I did some photography in Cambridge, came home, put together a mock-up title bar and had a quick go at the style sheets.

I'm using WordPress to build the site - it's blogging software but I'm using it as a content management system. The main benefits of this system - which work well with what I'm planning to do - are the categorisation of posts, nice control over comments, and a really nice clean look. I'm not messing with the standard look and feel that much. Writing's the main point of the site.

Having said that, I have some nice images from Cambridge today. I'm sure I'll share at some point, probably on Flickr.

Photos look lovely on the mac screen, by the way :D

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