13 March 2006

Monday morning

I really don't want to be at work today. Tired. Didn't get a huge amount done this weekend except fixing a really stupid CSS mistake (well, more act of laziness than mistake) on my CV page. Which looks - at the moment - awful. My design skills really need some work.

I say I didn't do much, but in fact looking at the things I got done, it's an impressive list. I signed up for del.icio.us, had a play with ning.com, started planning a SQL/PHP/Google maps project to display my dad's family history stuff, did some washing, met Rik Abel, who seems a jolly nice bloke, slept a bit, watched Serenity and thoroughly enjoyed it, went book shopping (bought, alphabetically by author, the first and last books in the fiction section - first one is pretty good so far), bought a Death Cab for Cutie album (very good) and that's about it.

Oh how interesting someone else's weekend must seem to you all.

Now I'm at work wishing I was somewhere else, wondering what on earth I can do to my career to be happy again, and thinking about putting Transport Direct's clever little doobery on work's site. Oh, and wondering when V for Vendetta is out because I keep looking at my Star Wars desk calendar (stop laughing!) and it's got Natalie Portman on it today.

*edit - note to self* - don't start a link on the 300th character of blog posts, because it confuses the parser I'm using...


Matt Harris said...

wanna job..?

Yoz said...

And what did you think of Ning, if I may ask? (I'm asking because I'm one of Ning's Developer Advocates. If you need any help with anything Ning-related, mail me! yoz (at) ning.com)