15 March 2006


I've got odd socks on today. It's a combination of a low wattage energy saving light bulb, colour blindness, and oversleeping when I was supposed to drive someone to work. The end result is that I have one very dark blue sock (one of the ones which was once black and fades through blue) and one very dark grey sock (which was once black and fades through grey). You can only notice if I pull my trousers too high and stand in natural sunlight - which probably won't happen that often today - but it's still a little embarrasing. Not as bad as when I cycle in and forget a change of socks and have to wear white ones all day...

Perhaps I should sign up to BlackSocks.com and have fresh pairs delivered on a regular basis. Or start wearing brightly coloured ones which are easy to pair up. Or stop flashing my damn ankles all the time.

Anyway, the reason I'm blogging today is Flickr, which I love, and which has some coverage in the Guardian today. It's basically Dave Gorman demonstrating what happens with a decent digital camera and far too much time on your hands (although he's one of the hardest working - and most genuine, nice, funny and friendly - comedians I've had the fortune to meet in my amateur comedy ramblings). The article also sums up exactly how I find Flickr - and how I use it - far better than I ever could.

Dave's pictures are great (you can find them here) and they have that wonderful sense of humour and slight oddness about them which you only get with Flickr. Well, perhaps you only get it with digital - it's so easy to point and shoot and discard bad photos that people seem to take snaps of anything on the offchance something magical will happen.

I'll leave you to get lost on Flickr as I always seem to do. No web 2.0 critique from me today; just some nice links to some cool stuff.

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