22 March 2006


Huh? - the archetypal consultancy. I'm not sure what's more worrying - the fact that I recognised myself in the site, or that I found myself thinking "what a cool idea" when I read this:

Our designers ride Razor scooters around the office, while wearing mail-bag style backpacks to hold their iPods.

The site was sent to me by Sue Wright, of WrightPlace Consulting, who's been a mentor to me and good friend since we worked together a couple of years back. It really struck a chord with me.

Other stuff: well, not much to report, really. Very much a plodding day - little bitty bits of work to do and nothing substantial. The budget was interesting - big tax on big cars, 4p on a bottle of wine (boo!) but stamp duty threshold up (hurrah!).

And I'm off to Budapest on Monday for a few days' holiday. First time on holiday on my own and I'm a bit nervous. Still, everyone says it's lovely out there and that language - which is the big worry for me - isn't an issue. Point and shout!

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