10 October 2005

Slipping a bit

I've been stupid busy just lately and everything seems to have been slipping. I've done little bits of everything I intended to - and not really achieved anything. Except breaking not only this blog, but also my PHP parser, by trying to blog an image via Flickr... next time I think I'll just go the long way round.

By the way, I'm going to have to ramble somewhat now to push the image off the front page of the test site.

The test site is coming along nicely, by the way - got a PHP contact form up and running (from a teccy point of view) and awaiting some formatting. Tomorrow night I'm going to get my CSS hat on and learn how to better present form fields. At some point I should validate it, too, before I get too far in - I know the rest of the site is HTML 4.01 valid, and if I recall the CSS is valid as well - but I don't know how that form is going to affect it.

Right, now I need to go to bed - I've allowed myself to get so tired I feel unwell. Time to break that habit.

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