01 May 2007

Six whole months!

That's right - from an invoicing and tax point of view (which I suppose is good enough) I've been running now for six whole months. It's still scary and exciting - which is why I started, I suppose - and I still love it.

In that time I've driven many hundreds of miles; typed many many thousands of words; met lots of lovely new people and spent an inordinate amount of time going to, or at least trying to go to, Ikea. I've learnt how to do my accounts; I've started to learn how to sell myself. But not like that.

And now for the next six months. I'm planning to get some more big clients all on my own - which is a nice feeling, especially when I can develop a relationship with them (and because I get all the money, hurrah!). I'd like to travel a bit more, too, and I have six months to clear my debts - something which I don't really think is going to happen, but I have to keep trying.

Anyway, it's quite a milestone for me - so please, charge your coffee mugs and join me in a toast - to six happy and successful months!

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