19 April 2007

*clonk* *whirr* *sob*

Yes, car woe once again. I was actually physically stranded as I started to write this - stuck in a (very nice) office owned by some very nice friends and colleagues who do excellent work and who let me sob there quietly while I awaited rescue.

My clutch has gone. Where, I'm not sure, but it's gone - it was certainly there when I left in the morning, ha ha ha. I'm not sure if going to Swansea finished it off completely, but it must have been on the way out for a while, which is a shame. Oh well - these things are sent to try us, and it's certainly trying me at the moment. I need to arrange meetings many miles away, which is a bit annoying, but I have to earn.

I never even got to go to Ikea to get my new chair. Humph. Looks like it's a Staples special - I've got a money off voucher, so that's OK. I might start a business account with them.

*edit* - whoops, I didn't edit the draft properly. resulting in some bizarre present/past tense-confusion.

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