06 September 2007

Mandatory iPod post

Yep, new iPods out now, so as a blogger I'm legally obliged to write about them.

There's going to be lots of debate about the iTouch (the stripped-down iPhone) and costs - but, being shallow, I'm going to skip over that and just drool a lot. God, it looks incredible. What an interface! I'd like one, but it's just far too expensive at the moment and I think a 30GB iPod would be a better deal.

The new nano and "classic" both look really nice too - the metal enclosure is a lot more resistant to damage than the plastic, and from my shuffle I know that any little knocks and nicks they get add to the character somewhat. I'm not sure about the new colours for the nano - the old ones were pretty good as they were.

The new nano is a nice size - looks quite squat but not ugly.

So... I want one. A "classic" as my first choice. Please give me work so I can get one... :D

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