16 July 2007

All over the place

Well, apologies if service isn't exactly normal at the moment (whatever that is). I'm between houses for various reasons, and it's been pretty hard work with computer at one house and the internet at another. Invariably the stuff I need is never on the laptop when I need it, so there's lots of driving back and forth and confusion over what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm pretty busy at the moment, though, which is very nice and it marks the end of my horrid quiet period. Of course, I could do with another quiet week or so to get addresses changed and internet sorted - but never mind.

My new project (for myself) should be up and running soon - designs, which I have a go at whenever I get five minutes to spare (not very often) are coming along quite nicely. Expect something in a couple of weeks.

Until then, cheerio....

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